Poetics of Encryption
Focus Tour:
How to decrypt a body: a performative tour


with Malena Giaquinta Diaz and Kerri Fitzsimon


11 May 24, 5.30 pm


In English

Meeting Point: KW Counter

Registration via mediation@kw-berlin.de

Participation included in the exhibition ticket. Limited capacity.


<p>Image: Ana Rodban</p>

Image: Ana Rodban


The Focus Tour How to decrypt a body consists of a performative journey through the exhibition Poetics of Encryption. Inspired by the practice of steganography (or the science of hiding messages), invented by Johannes Tritemius in the 15th century, the performance elaborates an imaginary around the body as a carrier of hidden messages and objects. As individuals immersed in the rhythms, patterns and drives of non-human forces: is it possible for us to access the inscrutable infrastructures that lead and move us? Is it possible to practice a steganography of the body?

Decrypting a body is a tireless task until it finally approaches the unknown phase of the primordial stage. This journey is, first and foremost, a grotesque rite and as such assumes the risks that an invocation implies.


Performance concept: Malena Giaquinta Díaz


Malena Giaquinta Díaz lives in Buenos Aires since 2012. She is a dancer, choreographer and arts curator. She develops her artistic and pedagogical practice both independently and in mental health institutions and museums in the city of Buenos Aires. In her latest works she explores the intersections between dance and horror cinema, exploring how they can dialogue and affect each other. She collaborates in projects of different disciplines such as visual arts, film and theater, making presentations at different festivals and institutiones. She was part of Rhea Volij’s butoh dance company between 2016 and 2023. She is currently part of the Film Program at the Torcuato Di Tella University (Buenos Aires).


Kerri Fitzsimons is a Berlin-based performance artist, educator and yoga teacher. She believes that through friendly mediation which prioritises personal interpretation, we can challenge exclusivity in the arts and offer accessible creative spaces. Her performance work is grounded in story, using narrative to create pieces that are at once aesthetically surprising and approachable through storytelling.