Production 7



12 April – 18 May 03



Opening: 12. April 03, 5 - 9 pm

Performances: starting at 9 pm

The project suddenly inclusive has its starting point in the festival In Transit (2002) at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, curated by Ong Keng Sen. Upon the invitation of KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the Berlin-based film and video artists Veronika Gerhard, Tara Herbst and Jochen Heilek developed an exhibition that reflects and develops their own praxis as filmmakers together with the performative approaches of the international participants of the festival. Starting from the encounters with the international artists, which come from such diverse fields as art, dance, sex work and political activism, the artists present aesthetic strategies, which focus on power relations and representation scenarios as shaping socio-political factors. The exhibition opens with live drag-shows by Bubu de la Madeleine and Akira the Hustler (Melodias). Together with the author Darius James, author of "That’s Blaxploitation!”, the artists present a film-performance with footage that they shot in Japan.

April 12, starting at 9 pm, Performances by Bubu de la Madeleine, Akira the Hustler and Darius James

A cooperation of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt / IN TRANSIT and KW

Supported by Kodak, Stuttgart, and ANA, the Japanese airline of the Star Alliance

Special thanks to:

Natasha Sadr Haghighian, Nicolas Siepen, Darius James, Bubu de la Madeleine, Akira the Hustler, Teodora Tabasci, Regula Engeler, Katharina Sieverding, Joseph Pungui, Ong Keng Sen, Johannes Odenthal

Curator: Anselm Franke