A Year with Renee Gladman
January – December 19

<p>Renee Gladman <em>Drawing</em>, 2018</p>

Renee Gladman Drawing, 2018


In 2019 KW’s residency format A Year with… will be held by American poet, novelist, artist, and publisher Renee Gladman (born 1971 in Atlanta, US). KW Institute for Contemporary Art and the Schwules Museum in Berlin have initiated a collaborative venture for 2019 to support a writer-in-residence for one year, starting on January 1, 2019. The residency will complement both institutions’ program and explore the substantial archive at the Schwules Museum, which remains unaltered over the past decades and highlights the history and culture of LGBTIQ communities in Berlin. Gladman, whose work has been associated with the New Narrative movement, composes prose and poetry that explores the potential of the sentence with map-making precision and curiosity. She has published prose works including Prose Architectures (2017), an interdisciplinary project investigating the continuum between sentences and drawings; and Calamities (2016), her first collection of essays; and the Ravicka novels, Event Factory (2010), The Ravickians (2011), and Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge (2013).


A year with Renee Gladman takes place in collaboration with the Schwules Museum, Berlin.