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On this page you can learn more about the exhibition.

Below you will find questions to think about in the exhibition.


Who are we?


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About the exhibition of Hervé Guibert


This and More is a solo exhibition of photographs by Hervé Guibert.
He was a French artist, writer and activist. He lived from 1955 to 1991.


Hervé Guibert is well-known for his portrait photographs. This exhibition shows another important part of his work. They are works which are less well-known.


This and More shows Hervé Guibert’s photographs of objects, inside spaces and empty rooms.


They show the artist’s private spaces. The spaces are filled with love and with pain. The people in the photographs are kept far away or left out of view. They are faint memories of what was and secrets of the past. In this way Hervé Guibert keeps these moments private.


This and More is about what you cannot see in the photographs. It is about memories and stories you cannot see. It is about what is missing in the artist’s photographs. It is about loss. The photographs leave the stories to our imagination.


<p>Hervé Guibert, Chambre de Mathieu, c. 1989; © Christine Guibert/Courtesy Les Douches la Galerie, Paris.</p>

Hervé Guibert, Chambre de Mathieu, c. 1989; © Christine Guibert/Courtesy Les Douches la Galerie, Paris.



What to think about in the exhibition


You can use these questions as inspiration to engage with the works of Hervé Guibert.


– Pick one photography in the space. Which emotion does arises? What element in the picture triggers the emotion?

– What situation or scene might have happened in the moment before the photograph was taken?

– Why did Hervé Guibert choose exactly this frame? What does the frame exclude?


Have fun!