Mika Vainio, Pierce Warnecke
FEED 031314



13 March 14



The series Frequencies presents concerts by Mika Vainio and Pierce Warnecke.

Mika Vainio

Originally from Finland, based in Berlin, Vainio's compositions are known for their analog warmth but also their roughness. From abstract drones to minimal avant garde techno, Vainio always aims at creating unique, physical sounds. Before his solo work he was part of the minimal electronic duo Pan Sonic in the 90's, and also played electronics and drums in the early Finnish industrial and noise scene in the 80's. He has released on labels like editions Mego, Touch, Wavetrap and Sähkö and he has been collaborating among others with Alan Vega of Suicide, Keiji Haino, Chicks on Speed, John Duncan, Bruce Gilbert and Stephen O'Malley.

Pierce Warnecke

Pierce Warnecke (US) is an audiovisual and installation artist, musician and programmer based in Berlin. His works explore combinations of pure synthetic sounds, electronic interferences, field recordings and manipulations of found objects. He has released on Fremdtunes, Emitter Micro, Gruenrekorder and Gaffer Records.

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The event is organized by FEED with the support of Galerie Weisser Elefant and Kultur Mitte.