Ninguém – Nobody – None


Digital workshop in two parts, maximum capacity 10 people.


4 May 21, 5–7 pm
11 May 21, 5–7 pm


This workshop is free of charge and especially for teenagers and young adults. No prior knowledge or degree is required.


The events take place in German spoken language


The workshop will take place digitally via Zoom. Registration is now possible at


<p>Image: Leonilson, <em>Ninguém</em>, 1992; Courtesy Maria Pini Piva Collection, São Paulo</p>

Image: Leonilson, Ninguém, 1992; Courtesy Maria Pini Piva Collection, São Paulo


Nobody is allowed to meet nobody. Nobody is allowed to hug nobody. Nobody is allowed to infect nobody.


What happens to us when we become that nobody? With what do we fall asleep and with whom do we wake up? Artist Leonilson embroidered the Portuguese word Ningúem (en: nobody) on a pillowcase in 1992—a year after he was diagnosed with HIV and a year prior to his death. In this in-between space of his life, he stitched his vulnerability on the intimate walls of his sleep.


Based on this work, artist Sophie Utikal will conduct a personal and poetic workshop in which we will use Leonilson’s practice as inspiration in our contemporary lives. During the two online workshops, we will also develop our own textile work.


Sophie Utikal (born in 1987) is a textile artist living and working in Berlin. Previously she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In her textile works, she always takes her own body as starting point and tells painful, yet intimate stories about her life as a migrant, in which she continuously finds herself in-between different worlds.