The Performative Minute: Painting Forever! Keilrahmen

Matthew Antezzo, Wolfgang Betke, Florian Meisenberg


10 October 13


Wolfgang Betke, Performance Archimedes, Photo: Thomas Dashuber
Wolfgang Betke, Performance Archimedes, Photo: Thomas Dashuber
 Florian Meisenberg, Guernica Mon Amour, Give All and Get Something (Postmodern Trauma), 2012, single-channel video, 8.22 min.<br>
Florian Meisenberg, Guernica Mon Amour, Give All and Get Something (Postmodern Trauma), 2012, single-channel video, 8.22 min.
 Cultivating Body Awareness with Yumi Tanabe, Introduced by Matthew Antezzo <br>
Cultivating Body Awareness with Yumi Tanabe, Introduced by Matthew Antezzo


KW's ongoing performance series The Performative Minute hosts interventions by Painting Forever! Keilrahmen participants Matthew Antezzo, Wolfgang Betke and Florian Meisenberg.

Matthew Antezzo: Cultivating Body Awareness
Relaxation for Painting Forever!
Duration: approximately 30 minutes / instructions in English with elements in yogic tradition
With Yumi Tanabe.
Presented in conjunction with Matthew Antezzo's participation in Painting Forever! Keilrahmen.

Painting inextricably related to the body in how it is made and viewed.
Practitioners and audience can enter the space of painting with heightened awareness through practice. On October 10th we will be presenting a session of deep relaxation. Through this practice, body awareness is cultivated.

Anyone can participate.
No yoga experience necessary. Please bring your yoga mat and/or a blanket.
If you would like to join in, you need to stay quiet and remain in the room throughout the whole session as to not disturb the other participants.
Any device which makes noise or vibration, kindly switch off.


Wolgang Betke: Archimedes
A performance by Wolfgang Betke

Text and performer: Wolfgang Betke
Music editing and production: Thomas Fehlmann

The performance Archimedes by Wolfgang Betke refers to the associative life of the Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes, accredited with the 'Archimedean Point' and the discovery of the lever principle. Archimedes said: "Give me a firm spot on which to stand, and I will move the whole earth."

The thinker's death was especially noteworthy: lost deep in his scientific thought, Archimedes failed to notice that his city, Syracus, was being besieged by the Romans. When he came upon a soldier, all he said was: "Do not bother my round", and the soldier promptly proceeded to beat him to death. The fighter's simple-minded violence thus brutally defied the imminent spirituality of the great thinker.

In this performance, Betke focuses on the worth of critical, thoughtful distance from world events, which is necessary for the development of socially worthwhile, innovative work. Immanence and idiosyncrasy are positions worth standing up for.

The entire performance is supported by language and sound. For the performance Wolfgang Betke has worked with the electrical pioneer Thomas Fehlmann.


Florian Meisenberg: Guernica Mon Amour, Give All and Get Something (Postmodern Trauma) 

Picasso's renunciation of color is radical. He uses only black, white, and gray. The atmosphere of his painting is monotonous and moribund. Meisenberg's digital manipulation of Guernica takes place on two levels: On the one hand, the art-historical icon is matter-of-factly transformed into a coloring book. The young artist uses another (more famous) artist's picture as a coloristic finger exercise. On the other hand, his selection of colors creates a deliberate contrast with the content.

The 1950s marked one of the high points of the vogue for pastel colors. In the color picker box, Meisenberg picks out subtle sorbet hues such as raspberry, pistachio, and apricot; powdery shades of delicate cream and rosé, as well as flesh tones such as vanilla and greige. This has the effect of undermining the original radical effect of the colorless painting. Meisenberg's step-by-step filling-in is a way of working through and appropriating the famous original. At the same time, the live character of Meisenberg's intervention also makes his handling of the picture into contemporary performance.

Gianni Jetzer, **Dedicated to the intelligence of extraterrestrial cats**, translation by Alex Scrimgeour. In: Florian Meisenberg: ** 1344438832** (Catalogue), Distanz Verlag, 2013