Pogo Bar:
Sunny Pfalzer


23 April–31 May 20


Lecture about performative activist strategies: 00:00-03:33 minutes
Las Trenzas, Performance, Mexico City 2017: 03:34-20:57 minutes
From Ethics to Aesthetics, Tel Aviv 2019: 20:58-31:14 minutes
When the Bats Fly, Kumasi 2020: 31:15-39:01 minutes
Discussion with Cosima Schietekat, Sharon Sedem abla Kamassah, May Manowitz, and Martin Toloku: 39:02-1:20:00 minutes


In English



Arriving from the dark depths of outer space, a group of cockroaches—a virtual xeno-gang—cuddles in dirty corners, aggressive and sensitive, fierce and cute at the same time. Dancing between laws and rules, moving in a grey zone where everything is given and permission is predictable. Don’t judge me, my truth is brutal, materialistic, formalistic, functional. Efficiency is corruption as well as fantasy. If I disappear, I am with them. Let’s spam the grey zone between the local and the global with translation errors.


Sunny Pfalzer investigates the strength and perils of anonymity, communal bodies, and collective identity in public space. For the Pogo Bar event, Sunny will talk about performative strategies in activism and lay out how this led to their projects Las Trenzas, Mexico City, 2017; From Ethics to Aesthetics, Tel Aviv, 2019; and When the Bats Fly, Kumasi (GH), 2020, as well as screen their eponymous video works.


Sunny Pfalzer is a performance artist, currently based in Vienna and Berlin. Organizing protests and building communities has always been a constant part of their life and practice. Pfalzer investigates how we can embody new ways of relating to our surrounding, informed by its political and historical complexities. Pfalzer contextualizes this inquiry with poetic and flirtatious choreographies, confusing the lines between the fictional and real, the private and the public. Pfalzer’s methodology is built around embodied and representational characteristics of protesting and how togetherness becomes an empowering tool.


Pogo Bar