Terry Richardson
Too Much



27 September 03 – 13 January 04



The American star photographer Terry Richardson works since 1997,for Sisley, among others, and is responsible for the aggressive, provocative, and erotic advertising campaigns of the company.

The close connection between the photographer and his client also opened up another level of cooperation: that of the aesthetic experiment. Too Much shows a series of largely unpublished photographs that have been created parallel to Richardson's shootings for Sisley over the past six years. These are compositional experiments, stylistic researches, creative impulses, often strong provocations that have turned the lens of Richardson into strong, uncensored and unequivocal recordings, sometimes flirting on the border of pornography, but always over the filter of a cheeky irony, which is so disarming that the shock of the first effect is overcome. It is a style that is extremely disturbing in its brutality, which is absorbed only by embedding it in the elegant paper of the fashion magazines and advertising posters.

Terry Richardson describes himself as a rock photographer, a word play created from his passion for photography and rock. Richardson's technique is the lack of any technique: the lens is his eye, his charisma, his ability to produce moments of truth, whatever they may be. He does not use any artifices or superfluous additions: there are two instant cameras, which he holds at the same time, and an irresistible desire to enjoy life and to put one's emotions on celluloid.

In addition to the project, a photo book of Sisley entitled Too Much has been published.

In a different format, the exhibition Too Much was presented in the Stazione Leopolda, Florence, from January to February 2002.

An exhibition made possible by Sisley.