Performance and artist talk
To: my future body


19–20 January 19


Performance: Saturday, 19 January 19, 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm
Performance + Artist Talk: Sunday, 20 January 19, 5.30 pm
The performance on Sunday will be followed by an artist talk with Emmie McLuskey, Janice Parker, Patricia Woltmann, and Christina Wüstenhagen at 6 pm.


Due to limited capacity, please register at the counter on time. For each performance 70 tickets will be given on a first come, first serve basis. Our counter opens half an hour prior to the beginning of each performance.


<p>Photo: Patricia Woltmann and Christina Wüstenhagen, 2018</p>

Photo: Patricia Woltmann and Christina Wüstenhagen, 2018


The two Berlin based choreographers/dancers Patricia Woltmann and Christina Wüstenhagen were invited by the mediation team of KW to research significant links between movement, memory and archiving within the context of performance.


What happens when diverse human bodies come together? When memories, perceptions, emotions and visions are evoked by movement? What happens when individual human archives meet, gather, encounter, converge and how do these bodily archives interact with each other?


In the past three months Woltmann and Wüstenhagen worked intensively with a group of 14 participants of mixed ages and different experiences. Together they have experimented, asking questions about archiving memories through movement. The resulting dance-based performance To: my future body will be publicly presented at the third floor of KW Institute for Contemporary Art.



Artist talk


On Sunday, after the last performance presentation, the audience is invited to join an artist talk, which will reflect on the processes and experiences within the project and envision future dance projects at KW. The talk will be accompanied by choreographer Janice Parker and artist Emmie McLuskey, who were exchanging experiences and working methods with Patricia Woltmann, Christina Wüstenhagen and the KW mediation team throughout the whole process. 


Parker and McLuskey showed a performative installation at KW in 2017 engaging with questions of archiving and performance. The installation depicted Parker’s personal summary of her last 45 years of dance and performance practice in relation to contemporary and social history. On the basis of their joint work, a dialogue with KW’s mediation team arose around the complex question of how to archive dance, performance and life itself in frames and formats of art institutions, as well as the desire to deepen this topic as part of an outreach project, inviting different audiences to take up KW’s spaces.



Choreography and concept: Patricia Woltmann, Christina Wüstenhagen
Participating performers: Emma Lusena Ash, Johannes Berger, Ron Engels, Jessica Fischer, Anna Gelbe, Simikka Hansen, Carsten Horn, Marett Klahn, J.K. Langford, Maria Martinez, Marie Purschke, Kerttu Saraste, Maja Toaspern, Signe Tveskov 
Conceptual support: Emmie McLuskey, Janice Parker, Duygu Örs, Katja Zeidler
Initiator: Katja Zeidler
Project management: Duygu Örs
Sound: Norbert Lang


<p><em>To: my future body </em>is supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.</p>


To: my future body is supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.