16. 9. 15– 4. 1. 16
Exhibition series / 3 ½

In each of its four consecutive editions, DOUBLE ROOM combines two artistic positions and brings the series' collaborative process to the fore. The forms of collaboration vary from juxtaposing existing artworks to new joint productions; the space of 3 ½ provides the physical framework. Connections between the artworks, which comprise of objects, material assemblages, sound or video installations, arise from the dialogical structure and are further enhanced by the spatial tightness. The space may therefore be perceived as an exhibition room at one moment and as a largescale installation at the next.

Curated by Curatorial Studies students of Goethe University and Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste – Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main.


Carola Keitel / Hannes Seidl
Opening: Saturday, 5.12.15, 19–22 h
A concert of experimental contemporary music by Sebastian Berweck, Maximilian Marcoll, and Hannes Seidl takes place during the opening at KW Institute for Contemporary Art’s CHORA, at 20 h.

To define means to draw boundaries. Between strange and familiar. Between important and worthless. Carola Keitel and Hannes Seidl make everyday control and exclusion mechanisms visually, physically, and acoustically perceptible. The artists developed their works in dialogue, employing different strategies of alienation and isolation.

Curated by Ramona Heinlein, Daniela Leykam, Larissa Scheidt and Clara Sterzinger


George Rippon / Anina Troesch
Opening: Tuesday, 15.9.15, 18  22 h

George Rippon (born 1983 in New York, US) and Anina Troesch (born 1987 in Emmental, CH) develop a new site-specific work in dialog with each other.They intervene directly in the space. Both artists continuously question the function of the room through an analysis of the space's preexisting architectural elements and materials.

Curated by Cosima Grosser, Olga Inozemtceva and Eva Kim

DOUBLE ROOM #2 Rosa Aiello / Cooper Jacoby
Opening: Friday, 9.10.15, 19–22 h
The opening will be accompanied by a reading by Rosa Aiello, Hannah Black, Tess Edmonson, and Eva Kenny.

Rosa Aiello and Cooper Jacoby engage with the dialectical relationship between individuals and the objects they use: simultaneously subservient and authoritative, this infrastructure of the ordinary eases and conditions our desires as well as our actions. Although this infrastructure often remains invisible and sometimes proves to be a deceptive farce – it still misleads us into believing that we are the beneficiaries.

Curated by Nóra Feigl, Erik Jacobs, Elisa R. Linn and Anna Straetmans

DOUBLE ROOM #2 is suppoerted by Städelschule e.V.

Filippa Pettersson / Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen
Opening: Friday, 6.11.15, 19–22 h
The performance DON'T BE A STRANGER by Filippa Pettersson and Amy Ball takes place during the opening, at 20 h.

Fire destroys and creates. Filippa Pettersson and Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen play in FYR with its transformative forces. Preceding the artworks is a performative act that inscribes itself in the work’s auditive and sculptural translations. FYR expands the double room into the stairwell, transforming the staircase into the exhibition's entrance.

Curated by Tomke Braun, Franz Hempel, Milena Maffei and José Segebre

DOUBLE ROOM #3 is supported by Danish Arts Foundation and Städelschule Portikus e.V.


The exhibition series DOUBLE ROOM is funded by the Ernst Schering Foundation, Berlin.
The Master’s program Curatorial Studies – Theorie – Geschichte – Kritik is supported by the Adolf Messer Stiftung and the Dr. Hans Feith und Dr. Elisabeth Feith-Stiftung.

Doppelzimmer,, © A&O HOTELS and HOSTELS Holding AG

NO TITLE, 2015, © Larissa Scheidt

DOUBLE ROOM #3, Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen, CLOSE HORIZON (detail), 2015, © Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen

Left: Cooper Jacoby, FLATLINES, 2015, lacquered steel, lucite, canola oil/machine lubricant, surgical sutures; right: Rosa Aiello, SERVING, 2015, HD video, colour, sound, 9 min 48 seconds, film still; photo: Camilo Brau

DOUBLE ROOM #1: George Rippon and Anina Troesch, tʌŋ, 2015, carpet, grid, chain, dimensions variable, installation view, photo: Timo Ohler