Pause: ­Lydia Ourahmane
1–2 October 22


Venue: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Main Hall

11–11 am, continuously (24 hours)
The event is for participants at the age of 16+.

Free admission


<p>Lydia Ourahmane, <em>sync</em>, 2022. Courtesy the artist and Daniel Blumberg</p>

Lydia Ourahmane, sync, 2022. Courtesy the artist and Daniel Blumberg


Lydia Ourahmane (b. 1992, DZ) creates a site-specific installation at KW Institute for Contemporary Art. This new commission is a continuation of the artist’s ongoing engagement with the emotional, psychological, and political correlations between material, body, and place. Comprising approaches to composition and performance, the work engages her relation to rituals and the notion of permanence. KW’s invitation poses a challenge for Ourahmane to reflect on the transcendence of matter and the many deceptions of eternity.

Ourahmane’s installation will materialize in a one time-intensive event discussing permanence as a non-tangible, yet an embodied matter sitting between myth and endurance. Ourahmane’s approach questions how continuity is both reflected in the opportunity of coexistence as well as our fellow inscription of meaning and affection onto one another, while simultaneously being defined by its exhaustion, its breaking point, its rupture—and how it becomes a way of reflecting and challenging the continuum of personal and broader histories.


For this extended event, which is made in collaboration with musician Daniel Blumberg (b. 1990, GB), the doors to KW’s main hall will remain open for 24 consecutive hours, interrogating the endurance of visitors and artist alike. Visitors are invited to engage in the creation of an in-progress immersive sonic composition orchestrated by each participants’ heart beats.


Curator: Sofie Krogh Christensen

Curatorial Assistance: Nikolas Brummer


The Pause series of KW Institute for Contemporary Art allows for an ephemeral yet deep engagement with a single artwork in order to draw and question relationships between the past, present, and future. A Pause acts as a punctuation of KW’s regular program by presenting an artwork for a short period of time in between exhibition cycles, working with this state of in-between. Pause projects are predominantly commissioned or reworked pieces that shift between or even merge the disciplines of performance, installation, video, and sonic work.


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