You’re not muted.
Negotiating new meanings through art and education


14 April–12 May 2021

Online event and workshop series


The event series You’re not muted continues KW’s investigation into new settings in educational and socially engaged practices and opens a path to a collaboration with the DAAD Artists-in Berlin Program, to foster possibilities of broad international exchange in the realm of the educational field in the arts.


Miguel A. López On curatorial work, building access and infrastructure


Verena Melgarejo Weinandt Nepantla Bibliothek – A collective translation of Gloria E. Anzaldúa’s work


La Hervidera (Aisel Wicab, Ana G. Zambrano & Cristina Medellín) ENDANGEREDSPECIES


Alicja Rogalska After Isolation – future imaginaries in socially-engaged art



Emancipatory art education practices should not only adapt to online scenarios, but also create questions and languages that respond to a radical shift in today’s social, political, and cultural landscapes. How do we – cultural workers, educators, artists, and researchers – actively bring these new tools, meanings and words into our daily practice? How can we address questions of accessibility and visibility, within and beyond the (institutional) systems we are operating in? You’re not muted invites us to question how new approaches to socially engaged practices are being developed, and how interdisciplinary projects may transform our learning processes in the future.


// collective translation projects unfolding into a series of interdisciplinary workshops // families working on sounds and images via Whatsapp; rewriting how we understand the political body today // manifesting what moves us as individuals and parts of a collective // artistic-educational-sociological methodologies bringing your practice to unexpected places // daring to think differently and actually doing something about it // learning to listen to yourself and to follow your instinct // working on the (un)comfort zones within ourselves // imagining future realities // reflecting on how we develop “socially engaged” practices today and the contradictions within it //



Developed and conducted by Renata Cervetto (curator and educator), in collaboration with Katja Zeidler (KW Institute for Contemporary Art) and Melanie Roumiguière (DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program).


Invited speakers: Miguel A. López, LaRuidosaOficina (Marga Sequeira, Catalina Tenorio and Mariela Richmond), Verena Melgarejo Weinandt, La Hervidera (Aisel Wicab, Ana G. Zambrano and Cristina Medellín), Eliana Otta, and Alicja Rogalska.


Project management: Linnéa Bake

Online production & video edit: Linus Kaufhold | seeberg embrace




<p>The project <em>You’re not muted</em> is supported by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Arts and Media Program.</p>
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The project You’re not muted is supported by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Arts and Media Program.